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A classical warm up:


Hoot and hop to learn about animals. Before starting, the teacher should talk with students about different animals, including how their sounds and movements. Now have the students sit in a circle facing inward. Choose one child to start as the picker, only in this case the picker will be a duck and will quack and flap its wings while walking around the circle, tapping each child’s head and saying “duck.” Then the duck will choose another student, tap his or her head and say the name of another animal. That child will then hop up and chase after the duck, using the appropriate sounds and movements of the animal he or she was called. This variation is great in that it integrates dramatic and expressive play with learning.

Simply and beauty theatre game:


Children all start by sitting in a circle. They listen to the category given by the facilitator and mime how that thing/object acts. For example- if it is asked to choose their favorite animal, they would act out how the animal walks and sounds. Then the rest of the children guess what the animal is. The faster will give the next instruction we do this with animals, emotions, professions, famous characters etc…