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Welcome to Interacting Theatre Academy!

Interacting Theatre Academy (ITA) is based in the vibrant capital city of Madrid, Spain. We are an academy of Performing Arts who work principally with International and Bilingual schools as providers of extracurricular and lunchtime courses in English for students of all ages. These dynamic Performing Arts courses run throughout the academic year and culminate in a final production staged by ITA students.

What is ITA?

ITA is a 100 percent English extracurricular activity focused on bringing the benefits of theatre to young people. It improves their creativity, self-esteem, confidence, empathy, team work skills, abilities to speak in public … In short, it prepares young people for the future by boosting their abilities and talents.

Once a week, participants take part in exercises, learn theatrical techniques, and play interactive games adapted by us from the stage for the classroom.
This is an annual project at the end of which participants take part in a performance of a play.

In a secure environment with professional coaches and actors, ITA is a creative space within which participants can express themselves freely while gaining communication skills.

Never forgetting to have fun!

Mission & Ethos

The InterActing story began back in 1986 with the mission to provide a theatre in education service to language teaching. In those days, the educational world clearly needed a breath of fresh air, some new ideas, an independent entity to blow the cobwebs away. Since then our motto ‘Laugh While You Learn’ has travelled worldwide. Phew!

Our belief is that all learning should be a living and dynamic process where motivation is the key to success. We bring the process of the theatre with its training, rehearsal and performance to the traditional educational system.

ITA is the younger brother of the expertise Company of Theatre in Education Interacting S.L, it was launched in 2013 as a result of a high demand of happy schools who wanted to dig into their students creativity. We truly believe in life as a informal process of learning where any chances can be ideal to get most of it. Therefore, we bet for the inclusion of non formal education method as a crucial ingredient to fulfill the traditional educational system.

ITA’s favourite Shakespeare line is “All the World’s a Stage” as this fits with our belief that theatre is for everyone and anyone!
Our academy is open to children of all ages, backgrounds, faiths and with all levels of theatre experience.

ITA should provide a safe and creative zone in which students can freely and confidently express their ideas and opinions.
We have a zero tolerance policy on bullying.

Theatre and its resources bring along a reinforcement of self-esteem, inner knowledge, team building capacity, active listening, respect for others work, self-assessment, perseverance and most of it, Performing Arts train their attention in order to enhance their concentration in everyday task.

The ITA way of life

Theatre makes for smart, brave human beings who are not afraid to express themselves and propose creative ideas within school and later the workplace.

A happy and dedicated ITA team

We are a dynamic and creative bunch made up of theatre experts and educators from the UK, Ireland and USA. Working with us is inspiring and fun!

We don’t want to be bias but…

… we are pretty great. Take a look yourself: students leave the course inspired and happy, parents discover new facets of their child.