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How to Show What You KNOW

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Supported by The European Union ERASMUS PLUS PROGRAMME and a special welcome to Queen’s University OPEN LEARNING Tutors

  • September 16th to 20nd BELFAST
  • Playing beyond CLIL is an Erasmus Plus KA2 project
  • Location: 20 College Green/0G/005
  • Queen’s University Belfast

How to Show What You Know is an intensive one-week course offering a European training experience in teaching and learning through drama.

The course presents theory and practice from Playing beyond CLIL, an Erasmus Plus KA2 Project with participants from Berlin, Helsinki, Canary Islands and Belfast.

Show What You Know (SWYK) events are designed to offer students alternative ways of demonstrating their understanding of subjects, giving teachers an entertaining opportunity to assess.

During the course between 6 – 8 SWYK events are introduced, modelled and practised.

Each SWTK is accompanied with guidance and activities on how to prepare students and connect relevant subject content.

Participants will learn:

  • Theories and principles for developing practice-based, approaches to dynamic formative assessment: SWYK
  • Embedding in subject disciplines
  • Promote languaging
  • Promote thinking skills
  • Promote personal growth

Promote focus tasks – Positioning, Stimulus, Scaffolding, Cognitive apprenticeship

  • How to use drama techniques to enhance the listening, fluency and confidence of their students
  • How to design and present SWYK events relevant to subjects taught.
  • How to assess learning taking place in processes and production of SWYK

Many of the ideas underpinning the course are developed in contexts of bilingual learning (CLIL, content language integrated learning) but the benefits of the training are relevant across the curriculum.

Practical and interactive demonstrations are matched with presentations on theory and principles.

Participants are invited to join the projects’ research community and given tools for data collection.


Course Organiser

INTERACTING are founding members of the European Association of Training Providers and have been organizing tailor-made teacher training courses in the UK, Ireland, Germany, Spain and around the world for over 20 years. cultivated a reputation for outstanding course delivery.

This extraordinary course includes presentations from
Prof. Do Coyle (University of Edinburgh), Prof. Stephan Breidbach (Humboldt Universität zu Berlin),  Dr. Kevin Rowland M.B.E.


Training is from 9.00 to 16.00 with 1 hour for lunch and a coffee break at 11 o ́clock.

Each day 1 hour is devoted to evaluation and review.

In the evenings we discover the pleasures of the local cuisine.

Timing around coffee breaks and finishing hours may vary on a daily basis with prior agreement



Arrival of participants

19.00 Dinner together (if possible – depending on arrival times)


09:30 Meeting at Training Venue – Welcome and Introductions

10:00 Warming up and sharing PbC experiences and ambitions

11:00 Coffee Break

11:30 Designing Learning Events in Playing beyond CLIL (PbC) (Do Coyle)

13:00 Lunch

14:00 Presenting the SWYK (Show What You Know) templates and Connecting with Playing CLIL (S. Breidbach, E. Cousins, D. Coyle)

15:00 SWYK 1 ‘The Flash Mob’

16:00 Review and evaluate


09:00 Meeting at Training Venue and warm ups

09:30 Working groups SWYK and subject specific content

11:00 Coffee Break

11.30 Working Groups SWYK 2 ‘The Panel Show’

13:00 Lunch

14:00 SWYK 3 ‘The Advert’

16.00 Review and evaluate


09:00 Meeting at Training Venue and warm ups

09:30 Working groups SWYK 4 ‘The Exhibition’

11:30 Coffee Break

12.00 Connecting SWYK to learning objectives

13:00 Lunch

14:00 Working Groups, SWYK 5 ‘The Trailer’

15.00 Working Groups, What and how can we measure and assess in SWYK?

16:00 Review and evaluate


09:00 Meeting at Training Venue and warm ups

09:30 The competences of learning through play, key games presented

11:00 Coffee Break

11.30 The competences of learning through play, key games presented

13:00 Lunch

14:00 Working Groups 6 ‘The Documentary’

16.00 The Learning principles and psychology of SWYK (Kevin Rowland)


09:00 Meeting at Training Venue and warm ups

09:30  Assignment: Designing and describing SWYK 7 ‘Can you Bake it?’

11:00 Coffee Break

11.30  Assignment: Designing and Presenting SWYK 7 ‘Can you Bake it?’

13:00  Lunch

14:00 Testing SWYK and data collection

15.30  Coffee Break

16.00  Formal Evaluation and review. Presentation of Certificates.

Pre-course tasks include

  • Study of the fundamental PbC principles
  • Multimedia research tasks
  • Preregistration

The post course experience includes data collection and further participation in the development of the PbC project, online SWYKs-clinics, invitations to participate in ‘top up’ weekends and updates on developing materials.

Course Fee

The total cost of the course is 1.300 €, The course fee covers:

  • Course and tuition fees: 700,- €
  • Accommodation and half board: 600,- €
    • single room ensuite with half board (apart from Breakfast meals are taken in restaurants around the city, not in the hotel)
  • Cultural excursions are not included

Interacting support European Mobility Pass and supply all participants with certificates of attendance.

Bank Details

Please transfer  course fee to the following account:

Name: Interacting  UK Limited

Barclays Bank PLC

Leicester LE872BB

IBAN :  GB91 BARC2082 1855 5144 99

Swift BIC : BARCGB22