The InterActing Theatre Academy gives students the opportunity to learn interactively the steps to put on their own show.


Spreading creativity across your school!

Make-up, costumes and props, masks, choreography will be part of a complete experience that will make it possible for all students to enjoy each step of the process.



  • Will improve their confidence, self-esteem and communication skills.
  • Will act out with confidence in front of their parents and classmates.
  • Will acquire useful skills for the future.
  • Will develop the ability to speak in public.
  • Will improve their teamwork skills.
  • Will have the chance to make new friends within a relaxed and interactive learning environment.


  • The basis of improvising and mime.
  • Hoe to create and develop a story from scratch.
  • How to prepare for an audition.
  • The basis of script writing and production process steps to follow.
  • Breathing and voice techniques.

At the end of the year course, a final show will be put on in front of a real audience of relatives and friends.



Our ITA course for young learners is designed to help the student develop their full potential both as a person and as an artist. It focuses on important skills such as team work, creativity, imagination unblocking, self-confidence, speaking in public, and communication.

The course is divided likewise the academic school year, in three terms, and may consist of a weekly 90 min session or two weekly sessions of 1 hour each, either after school or during lunch break. The days and structure of these sessions will be determined by each school.

The lesson plan of the year will be adapted depending on the level of English of the students.

In the third trimester, the year course will come to an end, putting on a final performance which will include a thrilling narration, songs, dances and scenes to show what the group has been doing during the year.

This show will be totally original and created by the students themselves, fostering their creativity and imagination and offering a great chance for the parents to see their offspring shine on stage!


In primary level, the ITA course of Performing Arts becomes part of the school curricula. Students work together once a week for 2 hours in sessions which are always directed by our teachers and professional actors and actresses. All of our staff is  there to ensure that the  students develop the basic abilities and skills to become an artist.

The final show (in primary’s case a Musical) to be performed in front of the parents is the best way of showing their families and classmates how much they have learnt during the year!

Term 1 Team building will set the basis of the year work. We will work on this through different workshops which go from impro and mime to  dance, singing, body theatre, and definitely play design and the process of creation of a show.

Term 2 will focus on the creation of the show itself. The scripts will be distributed, casting decisions will be made and we will start rehearsing scenes, songs and choreographies, always keeping in mind that practice makes perfect!

Term 3 is fully dedicated to the build-up of the final show. As a team, we will all work together to make our musical a unique piece of art. Final rehearsals and last minute decisions will make of this term a thrilling final sprint towards our goal, during which all our teachers and  professionals will make sure students reach their full artistic potential.


For all students above 11, our Theatre Arts courses offer the perfect combination between social and educational positive experiences. This is what makes them so eager to participate in our activities and the reason why they look forward to their weekly sessions. This course offers them the opportunity to develop their creativity and find new ways of expressing themselves, unblocking their hidden potential.

At the end of the third term students will be able to perform a dazzling exhibition full of music, theatre and dance!

Term 1 all individuals will work together through different activities focused on mime, improvising, singing, theatre-based games, scene fight, design and much more. All this will foster a feeling of belonging to the group and will develop their team building skills.

Term 2 will focus on the preparation of the grounds for the final performance. Scripts will be hand out, castings will take place and design teams will be formed. Designing and rehearsing will become the highlight of these months.  Remember…practice makes perfect!

Term 3 will imply a lot of rehearsing and teamwork to be able to put on a fantastic final show. This part of the process is the most demanding but it can also be the most rewarding once you start to see the results of all the hard work done so far. Our staff will ensure each and every student reaches their full potential. Several  professional actors and artists will give lectures and share their knowledge and experience with our students along the year.


A wide range of creative extracurricular activities to students of all ages are developed each year tailor made for each age group and adapted to any English level.

Fully taught in English by experienced teachers from all around the world, we can guarantee that each and every one of our staff members is passionate and committed to bring the best out of our students through dynamic and creative methodologies.

We are proud to have among our professional workers theatre actors and actresses from the UK, Ireland and the United States, among other countries.

Our coordinators in ITA Spain branch, Leyre, Inés and Terry, are always willing to make of your experience with our company a delightful journey towards innovation.


Leyre Urquidi

ITA coordinator

Terry Houses

ITA coordinator

Inés Iborra

ITA coordinator

“If you want to work with us send your cv to our coordinators

Our innovative extracurricular activity

Through games and dynamic theatre-based activities, participants will have the chance to get a taste of what theatre is really about, from improvising and putting on a scene to props creation and puppet making.

Learn, explore and create your own games. This workshop allows the students’ to develop their creativity, teaching them how to invent their own games.

A first contact with nature that will allow the students to learn about the properties of plants. From seeding to grafting to the uses of herbs and spices!

Children will make their own dishes, reinforcing healthy eating habits while having a blast. Mens sana in corpora sano!

Exciting scientific experiments, adapted for all ages. Children will have fun while pretending to be Einsteins.