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We Make

the most that theatre games can give all of us, harvesting incredible results in education.
Our goal is to help new generations create a better future.

We Innovate

applying a new wave of education, training both teachers and students in creativity.
We provide teachers with tools to improve their daily routines and to help them go forwards in achieving an interactive and integrated teacher methodology, in which students participate actively, developing their potential and teamwork skills.

Our company’s headquarters are located in Spain and the UK

We Belive

in embracing creativity and searching for the full potential of peoples talents as key to professional and educational success. Our job is to provide new generations with new methodologies and services which will inspire and involve people with surprisingly effective results.

We Build

bridges between the stage and the classroom, offering schools, colleges, Educational Centres of all types and European Administrations an innovative and creative learning approach.

Our Background

Ed Cousins y
Patrick Deas
since 1986

Our founding fathers and directors of Interacting Spain and Interacting UK Limited, were born in Northern Ireland.

They are both well known actors, writers and directors of a splendid team of actors which is constantly touring around Spain, Europe and all around the globe, sharing our plays with thousands of children, youngsters and adult learners.

They have created a brand new teaching methodology, Playing CLIL, which focuses on language learning and process drama . They lead and coordinate a diverse catalogue of teaching training programs from Playing Games in the Primary Classroom to Developing Effective Leadership for our future leaders in education.

Our Aim

is to offer education the chance to accept and include theatre and games as a worthy tool to fully develop our children’s and our teachers potential.

Interacting started in 1986 in Spain

“Laugh While You Learn”


Our motto has traveled around the world, from classrooms and stages to our teacher training programmes all over Europe and summer camps for young learners.

Why Choose Us?

We Collaborate


with governmental organizations, schools, universities, editors, teaching associations and many more,  reinforcing our commitment to high quality and innovation in education.

Our long-lasting success

comes from the fact that our activities are accessible and fun. Teachers and students of all levels and ages are integrated in each and every interactive event we put on, granting them a feeling of renewal and a source of motivation to keep up with their busy lives.

You Choose


We Participate

across all borders to invite YOU to join our Educational Learning Community.

About Us

We are a multidisciplinary team of highly motivated professionals who firmly believe in what we do.
We combine our experience in education and theatre to offer unique experiences, aimed at satisfying the specific needs of each client, with a strong “Tailor Made” spirit.

Patrick Deas


Ed Cousins


Olga Portillo

Logistic Admin.

Sara Izquierdo

Sales Team

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Sales Team

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Sales Team

Javier Monreal

Sales Team

Aitor Allué

Artistic Producer

Leyre Urquidi

Coordinator ITA

Terry Houses

Coordinator ITA

Inés Iborra

Coordinator ITA

Ana Belén Serrano

Teacher ITA

Steven Shayegh


Rian Kilfeather


Daniel Cunnigham


Charles Bennie


Ruth Curran


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Antonio Ramos

Technical Team

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Technical Team

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