Interacting in Edinburgh – Let’s Tell Your Story

Interacting in Edinburgh – Let’s Tell Your Story

  •  14st  to 20th of April 2019
  •   Erasmus +
  •   Course fee: 1.300€ (this includes half board)

Training during the course will be competence based and follow parallel strands of the interpersonal/social and the professional. Tasks will be set according to the agreed set of competences to be developed or acquired either individually or in teams. Training will

Be delivered through a variety of plenary sessions, seminars and interactive workshops.

Tasks will be set on individual, pair/trio and team levels with appropriate channels of live feedback and reports generated on MOODLE.

Activities will be introduced, modeled, tested and recorded. Subsequent evaluations will use recordings to explore possible applications of materials.

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Application deadline for the course is the 2nd February 2019. Help your school go through the seven steps of course application!

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A handy document incuding the full Edinburgh course description and its schedule.

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