Every Class Your Stage

Every Class Your Stage

  •    Funded by Erasmus Plus
  •    Course fee : 1.450€ (incl. full board)
  •    MADRID 3th to10th July 2019
  •    BELFAST 14th to 20th July 2019

This course is designed by popular request from schools and local authorities to support drama teachers and guide non drama specialists on how to successfully introduce drama clubs and theatre productions into the fabric of the school year.

We combine the need teachers have for practical approaches to issues of organising theatre productions with training in theatre techniques and creative ideas. This course provides a model to devise an entertaining show that connects with both students, peers and their families. In Every Class Your Stage, interpersonal and communicative competences are developed which are directly transferable into practical activities developing these same competences with your students. We provide useful materials to connect theatre games to develop students depth and familiarity with the characters they will play, and explore techniques to develop not only theatre skills but also invaluable lifelong learning skills such as initiative, cooperation, independance, reliability, commitment, respect, adaptability, flexibility, creativity, concentration and self confidence. We model and practice approaches and activities involved in every facet of running a drama club with a view to creating an end of year production with a view to transferring these skills from a training environment to your particular school environment.

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