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27 Jun

ITA presents: Bugsy Malone

King's College (KCS) have kicked off 2014 with an exciting course in Performing Arts, led by the InterActing: the ITA, aka Interacting Theatre Academy!  The course covers all areas of stagecraft and is comprised of once-weekly workshops, leading towards a final production at the end of term.

The InterActing story began back in 1986 with the mission to provide a theatre in education service to language teaching.  Since then the company’s motto ‘Laugh While You Learn’ has traveled worldwide; into classrooms, theatres, teacher-training programmes all over Europe, and to the InterActing summer school for excellence, hosted in Ireland.

InterActing Theatre Academy was born out of the success of performing arts in education.  The skills that KCS students develop through theatre work include: confidence, public speaking, creativity, the ability to work as part of a team, and increased self-esteem.  The InterActing teachers are also professional actors, devoted to the idea that learning should be a living and dynamic process where motivation is the key to success.  

The Academy currently boasts an impressive 56 members ranging in age from Year 2 to Year 9 students.  With such a large and enthusiastic company the InterActing teachers Ellen Buckland and Sam McLaughlin have seen fit to split the session into two groups, facilitating participation for all.  The weekly workshops, games and exercises are thus carefully designed to suit the ages and needs of all students.

The Academy members of this project have working towards an abridged version of the musical ‘Bugsy Malone’ which was performed on 24th and 25th June 2014.

Every student had an important role and responsibility in the production whether it is as designer, performer or assistant director. 

The production showcased for parents and peers just how much hard work and dedication is demanded of a Performing Arts student.

InterActing Theatre Academy hope to develop and grow nationally as well as internationally.  With such talented students involved there is hope that in the future there may be even be opportunity to bring a production to the famous Edinburgh Fringe Festival!!

Amongst the 56 students are budding set and costume designers, singers, dancers, actors and directors.  All will have the chance to work with specialists in these fields during InterActing’s programme of intensive (and fun!!) workshops.

So there you have it…Kings College School is now home to a vibrant and dynamic Performing Arts Academy led by professional actors.

Make sure you catch our future performances, there may be some future Oscar winners up on the KCS stage and now is the time to get those autographs signed!!!

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