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Cutural Connections

Summercourse in Belfast

This course connects with the two previous LLP and Socrates Interacting Partnerships and combines the need teachers have for practical and creative resources and activities which connect 'live' communication skills with virtual and digital recording. To develop the interpersonal and communicative competences of the participants. To train in the use of available classroom technology. To provide useful materials connecting games and curriculum. To model and practice transfer form the training environment to the classroom.

Making Sense

Curso diseñado para profesores de EDUCACIÓN SECUNDARIA Y BACHILLERATO. En “Making Sense” trabajamos la fluidez verbal y los recursos metodológicos. Abrimos a los profesores una puerta hacia nuevas estrategias que renovarán sus clases y captarán el interés de sus alumnos.

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Play and Teach

Within each course several options will be offered as listed under Areas Covered by the course. The training will be delivered thorugh a variety of plenary sessions, seminars and workshops. Icebreakers and introductions, group work, building confidence, improving communication skills, developing dialogues, scene building, characterisation, story telling, bringing literature alive, language theatre sports and working with your voice.

Playing CLIL

Introducing a new methodology

At the University of LAS PALMAS, CANARY ISLANDS from October 26th – 1st November, 2014

A brand new course connecting with our BIG project to develop a games based methodology for teaching in bilingual contexts.

  •    BERLIN: Febuary 2015 (exact date will follow soon)
  •    Supported by The European Union ERASMUS PLUS PROGRAMME
  •    Course Fee: 1.200 €, payable after receipt of the Erasmus plus grant.

Playing CLIL is a transversal European project introducing a new and innovative games-based methodology to the CLIL way of teaching.
This new methodology will be implemented and tested in different educational contexts (schools, vocational training and adult education). Teachers from these educational centres will attend a training course.

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Speakeasy: Building Bridges

Cursos específicamente destinados a profesores no especialistas que se integran en un PROYECTO BILINGÜE y tienen que afrontar los nuevos retos que esta experiencia supone. También está dirigido a aquellos profesores que están inmersos en programas de hermanamiento o que deseen formar parte en proyectos bilaterales o COMENIUS. Son cursos totalmente prácticos e interactivos que contribuyen a incrementar la confianza de los profesores, su motivación y que mejora sus habilidades comunicativas para alcanzar con éxito los retos de los Colegios Bilingües.


Theme-basted Week-End Workshops

Estos cursos suponen una MINI- INMERSIÓN LINGÜÍSTICA y la posibilidad de crear una gran dinámica de grupo. Sus contenidos se pueden adaptar a las características de los participantes y pueden ser cursos “estándar” o temáticos, con diferentes temáticas como “Murder Mystery”, “Wild West Weekend”, etc.


Cursos de introducción y avanzado en MOODLE, SMARTBOARD y Web 2.0. La formación TIC puede introducirse como complemento en todos nuestros cursos e Inmersiones Lingüísticas.


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Interacting Theatre Company. Laugh while you learn!

InterActing is a Theatre in Education company that provides interactive theatre comedy shows in English, international teacher training programmes as well as a yearly summer school programme.

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