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“The quality of interaction determines both the effectiveness of learning and its sustainability over time."

- Dr Kevin Rowland, Principal Educational Psychologist

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our service wordleWe offer interactive theatre comedy shows as well as teacher training courses. Other activities include interactive workshops, storytelling, thematic weekend events, business training and summer courses for both teachers and english students. The enduring success of our work comes from the fact that it is both accessible and funny. Teachers and learners of all levels and ages come away from Interacting events feeling refreshed and with their motivation to study enhanced.

Through our involvement in European partnerships we are researching the exciting possibilities of bringing theatre and technology together. We are currently active in using the MOODLE VLE to host our web based community and activities.

We have a long history of collaboration with governmental organizations, schools, universities, publishers, teachers associations, underlining our commitment to quality and innovation in education.

it's show time with interacting!

Laugh while you learn!

laughing when learning

Our belief is that all learning should be a living and dynamic process where motivation is the key to success.

To learn effectively you need to participate and that the quality of interaction determines the speed of skill acquisition. We promote an approach to learning which combines action, evaluation and replay in order to build and refine abilities. We bring the process of the theatre with its training, rehearsal and performance to the teaching of languages.

Our objectives are to break down the barriers, which obstruct dialogue and communication through bringing the stage and the classroom closer fogether.

Live LanguageThe INTERACTING story began back in 1986 with the mission to provide a theatre in education service to language teaching. Since then our motto ‘Laugh While You Learn’ has traveled worldwide, into classrooms, on the stage, in teacher training programs all over Europe and on our summer camps for young learners. The company activities now embrace a wide range of subjects.

The European office of the company is located in the historic centre of Madrid. Founders of the company, Ed Cousins and Patrick Deas, both from Northern Ireland, manage a team of specialist actors/trainers who tour throughout Spain, Europe and beyond.


ITA presents: Bugsy Malone

ITA presents: Bugsy Malone

King's College (KCS) have kicked off 2014 with an exciting course in Performing Arts, led by the InterActing: the ITA, aka Interacting Theatre Academy!  The course covers all areas of...

27 Jun

InterActing performs in Madrid's Cofidis Theatre

InterActing performs in Madrid's Cofidis Theatre

We are proud to announce that we will be performing our interactive comedy show called LOST! for children aged 3-9 in the centre of Madrid! Follow the adventure of Indie and...

13 Jan

And we are off.... to FINLAND!

And we are off.... to FINLAND!

Sunday morning, it's misty in Madrid and London where, rather sleepily, jump on to our respective planes to all meet in Helsinki, later that afternoon - strengthened by aeroplane food,...

30 Sep

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Nullam consectetur purus sit amet fermentum. Etiam porta sem malesuada magna mollis euismod. Aenean eu leo quam. Pellentesque ornare sem lacinia quam venenatis vestibulum. Sed posuere consectetur est at lobortis....

23 Jun



    Que el teatro es una forma de diversión excelente para los niños, ya los sabemos desde hace muchísimo tiempo. Pero si además de divertirse le sumamos el aliciente de que puede aprender conceptos nuevos, fijar los que ya tiene y, además, agudizar su ingenio para hablar en otro idioma, entonces estaremos ante un espectáculo redondo, lleno de atractivos y que nos puede servir para que nuestro hijo se apasione al mismo tiempo por la diversión escénica y el idioma inglés.
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    Excellent and useful course. Excellent accommodation.
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    Brilliant, superb, excellent teachers and cultural events.
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    I’ve felt really enthusiastic, sometimes exhausted, but finally I find myself full of energy and ideas. Now it’s up to me to put all I have learned into practice. It is incredible how emotional it has been. Even my English has improved noticeably.
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    Very active activities, practical, good organisers.
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Interacting Theatre Company. Laugh while you learn!

InterActing is a Theatre in Education company that provides interactive theatre comedy shows in English, international teacher training programmes as well as a yearly summer school programme.

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